Monday, September 27, 2010

Hair Tips: Fall 2010

 Waves and braids are kind of the shit right now. (pardon my french) Straight hair is out, now chic hair means twists, waves, and volume! This hairstyle is perfect for fall!
 Ringlet curls are the way to go when you want some variety in your style. If you leave in curlers overnight, you can guarantee some bouncy and beautiful curls like these! Curly hair such as this comes and goes, but the point being, it keeps coming back!
 We all know that Miss Lohan can be a little crazy, but her hair is flawless. She has got the right idea when going for simple waves. Wavy hair never goes out of style, and it is proven that more guys like wavy hair than any other hair out there. ;)
It seems to be that almost every girl is obsessed with straightening their hair! Well this fall, straight hair is becoming less popular everyday. So you should considering ditching the flat iron for a while and getting a curling iron or possibly scrunching your hair. Now I am not trying to say that straight hair is bad, but it isn't a big hit any longer.

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